Monday, November 23, 2009

When I was a child running around tying together adult's shoelaces, scaling trees that said "no climbing" and walking through doors that said "employees only", I did it mostly out of ignorance (except maybe the shoe tying). I don't know if I just wasn't observant, or that restaurants held a confusing number of doors in the hallway for a little girl on a mad dash mission to the bathroom, but whatever the case, I would invariably get stopped mid antic by some stern, scary looking man who quite literally scared the crap out of me. They'd throw a few gruff words in my direction, and I would hightail it out of there in mortification. This weekend I realized I'm now married to one of those scary-ass men.

We were camping at the Agua Caliente hotsprings this weekend with a host of family/friends, which was mucho fun and enjoyable... except for the (boy scout?) troop of boys two campsites over. Every time one of them made the mistake of walking through our campsite, Jim would go over and tell them to get out. After watching two or three kids go positively wide eyed in terror, their heads bobbing up and down as they agreed to never ever touch a toe in our campsite as long as they lived, it suddenly occurred to me that my husband perhaps looks a little intimidating with his mohawk, unshaven appearance and glowering, sleep deprived expression. In Jim's defense, the boys were climbing in the canyon above our heads at midnight. At 1 a.m. we were all laying in our sleeping bags listening to the agonizingly awkward conversation between an adolescent boy and his would-be girlfriend sitting on a rock next to our tent (apparently they missed the memo about tents lacking a sound barrier and all that). At 2 a.m. they were swearing at each other over their lack of tent setting skills, and by 5:30 a.m. they already bright eyed and bushy tailed, standing in the middle of our sleeping campsite, yelling across the campground at their friends. Count it, that's three and a half hours of sleep for all of us. Even though I was as annoyed and sleep deprived as everyone else, I have to admit I had a fair bit of sympathy for the unfortunate miscreants who wandered across Jim's radar. I'm pretty sure I committed the same irritating sins at their age... With the exact same result.