Monday, April 22, 2013

Random Tidbits

Robbie had a cold that gave him a major case of mom-itis.   After several nocturnal adventures of holding him upright all  night so he could breathe, he is now convinced I'm his service dog.  Except I'm more like a service gorilla, wearing him, feeding him and picking his nose for him.   He's been refusing the ministrations or soothings of anyone except me.

Just now though, I discovered the secret to getting a small break.  I picked up the bulb syringe to put it away, and Robbie (who was sobbing, hanging onto my knees, begging to be picked up) recognized it with a look of terror, and went scuttling post haste for the safety of Jamie's arms. 

That's right little baby, run to the safety of your big brother.  That evil mom with the snot sucker is on the loose!  

In other news: We are done with CC for the year!

Random tidbits from the kids at breakfast.

Jamie: "Mom, does anyone live in Asia?"
Me: "um yeah, like almost everyone."
Jamie: "What am I thinking of know...that snowy place where no one but scientists and penguins live"
Me: "Antarctica?"
Jamie: "Yeah, Antarctica...Asia...I get them so confused."

Me: Charlie, did you sleep good last night?
Charlie: I slept like a freaking cucumber.

Man at the drive-thru window: Would you like some sauces?
Jamie (rolls down his window in the backseat): "Um yes, I'll take some of your free wihfeh?
Man: huh?
Jamie: "The free wihfeh. Your window says it's free."

Man  and I both crane our necks to look back to see what he's talking about, and sure enough, the window says, in big bold letters, "FREE WI-FI!".

Me:  Jamie, that's talking about free wireless internet.
Jamie:  What's that?
Me: It's a computer thing.
Jamie:  Like how?
Me: It makes netflix work.  
Jamie: Ohhhhhh