Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The lobster turns one!

A year ago today, Robbie was chillin in his own private jacuzzi of amniotic fluid, happily chowing down on...blood? via his umbilical chord. 

A year ago today, he took his first breath, and used his vocal chords for the first time. 

Today he stole potato chips from his brother.   Took off his shoes.  Giggled, spat, laughed, got angry.  Crawled, climbed, stood, kissed, waved.   He has two giant front teeth that make him like a cartoon character, and blue eyes that I'm still expecting to turn brown.  

I'm bummed his first year has gone by so quickly.  That said, it was a rough, awful year but he was the sunshine that kept us all happy. 

Happy Birthday Robbie. 

Monday, June 3, 2013

Officially lots of things

It's official.  Robbie's first word is "more".   I've been telling Jim it's a coincidence for weeks now, but it's hard to miss the meaning when he points to my boob and says "mah" every single time he wants to eat.  He used to just sign it.  Now he signs it and says it, as if that will be more convincing. 

School is out for the Summer, and Robbie turns one tomorrow.    Last year I was really grateful for a June due date, because it meant I could have my baby in the peace and quiet of early Summer and not in the middle of a crazy school year.  That was last year.    I don't know what delusional part of my brain thought early June was ever going to be peaceful again.   It's clearly going to be a whirlwind of graduations, end-of-year programs and recitals from here on out.  Poor child may never get a birthday party. 

I killed a rattlesnake barbarian style with a big rock.  Actually, I was standing on the picnic table chucking stones at it and feeling very sorry for it.  It was very cute and sad looking, but I'm really not ok with them hanging out on my back porch.   It's not a rattlesnake's fault it's deadly.  I wonder if it even knows how feared it is.  We have a type of garter snake here that looks kind of like a rattlesnake and will even thwap its tail in a pile of leaves to fake a rattle, so clearly everyone else in the animal kingdom is aware that rattlesnakes are badass, but whenever I come across one, it always seems like it's saying "Woah, why the hate? It's not my fault I don't look like a puppy or koala bear." 

I am deep in planning mode for the next school year.   Choosing curriculum is a beastly task.  I'm like a little kid who gets lured deeper and deeper into the woods.  I keep thinking every curriculum I look at is amazing and will help with Jamie's rainbows, and then I see another one that will help with Jamie's rainbows AND unicorns. ...then I see another one that will help him with his rainbows AND unicorns AND have a pot of gold.   Part of me loves it, and part of me wishes someone would just decide for me.   Charlie is starting Kindergarten in the Fall too, and that's not helping matters.  Do I start him with SingSpellRead&Write like Jamie?  Or do I go ahead and start him with a more strict Orton Gillingham type method so that he's got a good base for Spelling and grammar later on?   In other words, is it more important that he learn to read?  Or more important that he learn why everything he's reading is written the way it is?    I feel like I've come a long ways since using the horrible "Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons".  Which is apparently only true if your child likes staring one black and white picture per day. 

Jim and I swapped houses with Jeff and Gabrielle this weekend.  It was wonderful to be able to carry on a conversation for more than two minutes without being interrupted.   I felt like I was missing an arm or something though.  It's a vaguely unsettling feeling to have your kids absent.   When I saw them, I wanted to smoosh them, and eat them all up.   They were only mildly interested.  They had too much fun climbing on roofs and driving a real car to miss us much.   Uncle Jeffy is a celebrity who has no equal.  I have a feeling I know a few little boys who are going to have their nose a bit pinched when their baby cousin shows up.  :-P  Speaking of baby cousins.  I keep opening up random cupboards and pantries to find my nine month pregnant SIL has cleaned and organized them for me!  Why can't I be like that when pregnant?