Monday, August 3, 2015

11 months

One tick tock shy of a whole year.   He's teething a bunch of upper teeth which makes him gnaw on random knees, noses or friendly hands like the pokey little puppy he still is.  

When I was pregnant with Will, Jim and I were looking at pictures of Robbie's blue eyes, Charlie's pouty lips and Jamie's spiral curls and joking that the only thing left to this baby was to end up redheaded.


His hair is definitely distinctly strawberry blondish these days. Lol

He's been crawling for several months now and has perfected the art to include the one legger crawl, bear crawl, toe crawl, drag-Robbie-along crawl, and the super speedy I-have-something-in-my-mouth crawl.   He's standing alone a lot more, and takes one step...but no one is in a hurry to have him walking.   All of Robbie's therapists managed to freak me out about all of the gross and fine motor skills that sometimes don't develop correctly if they skip down baby down.  Feel free to keep tearing it up with your mad quadruped skills.

He finally started eating food!...kinda sorta.   He's still super picky.  Gagging on random textures and puking on the least provocation.   Some days he likes blueberries, and other days they're tiny morsels of destruction and I'm surely trying to poison him.  One day he ate a ton of homemade applesauce and the next day he cocked an eyebrow at me after delicately touching the spoon with the tip of his tongue.  What madness is this weirdly mushy tangy thing  you're trying to tempt me with?

Daddy coming home from work is like Christmas and the beach combined, he flaps his arms and freaks out in sheer joy.    And speaking of the beach... he's still a water baby.  Watching him and Robbie is like being torn in two opposite directions.  Robbie runs shrieking from the waves and William crawls shrieking towards the waves.   Vacuuming is more of a chore than usual.  Robbie runs shrieking to unplug what he considers a terrifying noise monster, and William tries to climb on the vacuum like it's a super awesome indoor wave runner. 

His current nicknames are: