Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pill Pinching Sky Jumpers

When you've never been in a car accident before... a four car pileup with police and ambulance seems like a big deal. But a week on the other side of it and its barely a blip on the Christmas madness radar. Jim and I both flinch and hold adrenalin contests every time there's so much as a hint of a vehicle behaving abnormally on the freeway, but considering everyone escaped with their life and their health intact... I'm pretty sure that's cause for sheer gratitude.

I wouldn't go so far to say we're into near death experiences around here, but lately it does seem Charlie has a penchant for trouble. Like a cat who can climb a tree, but can't get down. He gets himself onto fridges, cupboards, garage shelves, boulders and trees, but then instead of being the type of kid who's brave and daring. He starts yowling for help after instantly concluding he's about to plunge to an early demise. Funny thing is, it didn't strike him as dangerous to peer over the edge of our hill and then just leap off. It seems like going Princess Bride style all the way down our hill, would be a more appropriate escapade for Charlie to freak out about, but no, that seemed like a good idea to him. I sustained more damage plunging after him in full emergency-mom mode than he did. Humbug.

There was also a brief stint where Charlie tried out his skills as a prescription pill napper. A frenzied call to Poison Control and I learned that alzheimer medication, thyroid and calcium is not a dangerous combination for a two year old to take. Who knew. I'm sure The Children's Hospital is grateful to have one less kid in its ER this season.

Jamie and Charlie were given swords and candy last night after dinner. Weapons and Sugar. Baboons with firecrackers and bullhorns could not have been louder or wrecked more havoc. They slept with their swords like true warriors. After all, you never know when you might need a foam and plastic weapon to call down wrath from heaven.

Now we're off to build an epic gingerbread castle. May I be granted grace and patience.