Friday, August 16, 2013

Part II of Life

Ten years ago today I did stop and think about what ten years in the future would hold.  I was a dramatic enough teenager that I wasn't under any rosy impressions it would be perfect, but I knew it would be perfect for me.  I knew I wanted to go down that road, and although I didn't picture three blond haired little boys, or a crazy motorcycle driving husband.  I knew that whatever it was...I desperately wanted it as long as it was with Jim. 

And so at the tender age of 19, I got married.

And honestly it's been the best ten years of my life.   Granted, I pictured us spending our tenth anniversary on a cruise, or in Europe or something.  Instead I'm sitting here with a box of kleenex in my bare living piled high with boxes.   Moving unexpectedly with nowhere to go.   But I know God will provide somehow, someway.    If I'm being contemplative and retrospective, I wouldn't say the last ten years have been easy.  They included life and death, a baby in the NICU, heart breaking family problems...  But it has been worth it, and it will continue to be worth it.

And so maybe we'll actually get a real honeymoon on our 25th anniversary, or maybe our 50th, but really I feel just so sheepishly privileged to have Jim and still so stinkin happy, it doesn't seem fair. 

To all marriages including mine.  May they continue to last a lifetime.