Monday, March 2, 2015

My bit of sea glass

Thanks to all the lactation specialists and weight gain issues it's hard for me to believe my wee baby is a half year old today!  Bah!  

He started sitting alone a few days ago, but still waves his arms out like a helicopter to keep his balance.   Because he's my fourth child (and all my other children had speech delays) poor William has every tiny sound he makes cataloged meticulously like it's some sort of seismographic code.  I've been somewhat concerned because he's not making any consonant sounds yet, but he finally popped out this week with a few dadadada's!  I'm so proud (but still keeping the speech therapist on speed dial just in case ;-)  ).  

We haven't started solids unless you count pudding....breastmilk pudding (which is really just breastmilk with the thick chilled cream skimmed off the top... don't tell Robbie I spike his yogurt occasionally with it.  Vitamins, right?)

He's a super sweet baby.  So chill and calm and happy...until he's not, and then hell hath no fury like a fourth born who has been forgotten too long.    He and Robbie are starting to develop a little brotherly friendship which is just amazing to me.  Jamie and Charlie were too far apart to feel like peers at this age, and Jamie and Charlie currently call Will "The Royal Cuteness"  which translates more like doting genie-in-a-bottle behavior rather than a sibling relationship. 

Will thinks Jamie and Charlie are hilarious though.   I pulled out the camera for his pictures and I couldn't get rid of serious baby.  

This is how he is 90% of the time, very stoic and judge-like until Jamie starts doing something crazy and then...

He has that full face smile that's more grimace than smile, but we still think it's awesome.

This goofy barrel of boys is all mine, and the only reason I want to currently ship them all off to the African Serengeti is because today is Monday and it's raining, and they've woken the baby up thirty minutes into every nap.    Sorry baby, happy half birthday!