Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Petrified Spider Legs (as in turned-to-stone)

You can always tell how unproductive I've been, or how depressed I am, by the state of my home...

...And it is currently spotless, which translates to me being a complete, and mental basketcase.

I've always bemoaned the sad state of my cupboards to Jim, and he always points out the hours I've spent writing, taking pictures, and playing with the kids. Well right now half my kitchen has been overhauled, Jim's dresser has been emptied, sorted and reorganized, and I have bags of stuff ready for the Salvation Army. Conversely, my camera and I aren't on speaking terms, the dog is hiding under the table, and the kids are watching
Wonder Pets.

I was supposed to feel a wonderful sense of accomplishment at the sanitized state of my home, but instead I feel...well...still ho hum. Not only is my ability to create, and accomplish anything at an all time low, but I'm also not likely to succeed at proper housekeeping any time soon either. Because lets fact it, I really like to look at my toilets as fungal gardens, and my floors as 24hr soup kitchen for colonies of antenaed insects. It's also not going to win me any points with the more orderly people in my life when I prove yet again that my skills lay more in the picking up and putting away of toys, than they do in cleaning and reorganizing.

I'm not sure if I'm in the minority on this, or if other people only deep clean their house when they are depressed too. On a side note, if anyone has any tips on keeping ones house clean, I'm all ears (because maybe I'm not truly a hopeless case). The petrified state of certain spiders found in the dark recesses of my shelves was alarming.