Monday, February 16, 2015

A planned trip to crazytown

Five hours past bedtime...only eight more to go.

The next time an educated, semi rational looking adult tells me to keep my toddler up all night, I'm going to suggest a sleepover at his house.   Robbie is finally getting the sleep deprived EEG I was supposed to do a month ago but kept putting off because we kept getting sick.  Now the evil day is finally here and  I knew it was going to be rough, but it's turning out to be more like an all night preschool rave.   There is playdough.  There is a waffle iron.   Mix the two...throw in some glow in the dark stickers and a lime.   Blast broadway music and you've got a slight slice of the pie that is barrels of fun we're having. Just loads of it.

The scheduling guy from the neurology dept tried to give me some advice.  Ice-cream he said, and a long bath...lots of snacks and movies.   Didn't sound too bad until it was 11 pm and we'd done all of that and Robbie was falling asleep standing up.   Even Yo Gaba Gaba and The Wiggles are mellow lulu byes when you're three hours past your bedtime.   So I took him into the kitchen and anything he pointed or looked at, I took out.  Eggs?  Fine.  Lets break some...sure...on the floor is fine too.   It's all natural finger paint on a large non porous canvas, right?  I believe even DaVinci used egg tempura.

Poor Robbie, his eyes kept rolling back and his eyelids struggled to stay half mast as we played and sang and danced.  He kept looking at me like, is this really happening?  I can really ice skate on the floor? This is awesome!  And then suspicious.  Have you lost your mind woman?  And then he'd lay on the floor.  Oh the inhumanity.  A mom who finally let's you do anything you want, and you're too delirious to fully enjoy it.

....And he's falling asleep again.  Time to pull out his brother's legos.